External Links

Chromatin Related Databases:

Chromatin Network: A Euchromatin Database.

Chromatin Structure and Function Page: Information on Chromatin Biology, Histones, and Epigenetics.

The Epigenome: Emphasis on the European epigenetics research community; of international relevance.

Histone Sequence Database: A comprehensive resource for histone and histone fold-containing proteins.

The Histone Code: A resource for information on the histone code, as well as research goals/interests of the laboratory of Judd Rice (USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center).

Plant Related Databases:

Gramene Database: A Resource for Comparative Grass Genomics.

J Craig Venter Institute: TIGR plant genome databases: A multi-organism database, a resource for plants and other eukaryotes.

MaizeGDB: A community database about Zea mays including genetic and genome resources.

Plant Genome Database (PlantGDB): Resources for Plant Comparative Genomics.

TAIR: Arabidopsis Information Resourse: A comprehensive resource for the Arabidopsis thaliana genome.

maizegenome.org: A website about maize genome sequencing projects.

Animal Databases:

Ensembl: Animal Genome Sequence Database.

FlyBase: A Database of Drosophila Genes and Genomes.

WormBase: A Database of Caenorhabditis Genes and Genomes.

Fungal Databases:

Broad Insitute's Fungal Genome Initiative: Portal to fungal annotated genomesacefgrsv.

Eukarytoic and Prokaytoic Genome Databases:

DOE Joint Genome Institute: Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute Genome portal.