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RNAi Lines for Arabidopsis and Maize

ChromDB was established through funding from the Plant Genome Research Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF award #9975930; Functional Genomics of Chromatin: Global Control of Plant Gene Expression; PI: R.A. Jorgensen). A broad goal of this project was to identify and functionally characterize the complement of genes in maize and Arabidopsis that contribute to chromatin-based control of gene expression. A more narrow focus of the project was to produce RNAi lines for a set of Arabidopsis and maize chromatin-associated genes.

With renewed funding from the Plant Genome Research Program (NSF award #DBI-0421679; ChromDB: Integrating Information on Plant Chromatin Proteins and Complexes; PI: C.A. Napoli). The grant does not fund additional RNAi line work; although the Maize Chromatin Consortium is continuing this work for maize.

As a service to the community and a goal of the previous funding, ChromDB will continue to display RNAi information generated from the previous grant. But, please note that ChromDB staff members do not distribute the Arabidopsis RNAi lines. These are distributed through ABRC/TAIR. The maize lines are distributed through the Maize Stock Center and information on the lines, including ordering information, is available at MaizeGDB .
Please use the Arabidopsis and maize links shown below to access order information.

Links for viewing a report on available lines and order information for these lines: